Livingstones Pebble Cushions Pebble Seats Rock Pillows For You!

A high quality surrealistic set, practical as a floor cushion.

Oversized pebbles, a resting area with varying sizes and shapes that can be arranged according to your mood, for contemporary interiors.

Pebbles as a fanciful landscape for ideal and permanent holidays, which can be transformed into an enjoyable domestic game.

What You See is What You Get

You’re 100% guaranteed to get exactly the same pillows as displayed since they are originally designed and shooted by our own studio and we assure you that the quality and stability of tailoring every single pillow keeps the same.

Large but Lightweight

Though viewed very large in size, especially the max one, these stone pillows are weighed very light and even kids can easily throw them up or kick them away when playing around.

True to Nature Design

In the shape of pebbles, these rock pillows resemble the nature stones so well that you even doubt whether they are really pillows. More amusingly, we’ve designed series of clear “stone veins” simulating the real in nature just hoping to bring you more liveliness and loveliness.

Soft and Springy

The polar fleece pillow cover is lightweight, warm, soft, anti-pill, removable and machine washable while the 100% polyester fiberfill creates extraordinary resilience, smooth consistency and strong integrity through countless launderings. The filler seldom bunches and is non allergenic.

Please let us emphasize repeatedly ahead of all descriptions.THESE ARE NEVER STONES BUT PILLOWS (^o^)~~(^0^)~~(^o^).

Featured in a perfect combination of their hard stone shapes and soft pebble pillows functions, these stone pillows can not only be used as a distinctive home “stone” decor on floor or furniture but also an interesting hug or throw for all ages. Children are especially fond of playing with them whenever and wherever they catch a sight.

The cover is made of polar fleece which is lightweight, warm, soft, anti-pill, made of 100% polyester and machine washable.

The filler is polyester fiberfill that is exploded by the special blend of 100% polyester fibers creating extraordinary resilience, smooth consistency and strong integrity through countless launderings. The filler seldom bunches and is non allergenic.

These livingstones Rock Cushions Make A Great Addition To Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Basements, And Dens, An Adaptable Set That Is Good For Group Parties, Family Movie Nights, And Kids’ Sleepovers.

These rock cushions with your home’s existing designs and furniture, adding fun and comfort without sacrificing anything. You really do have to see them to believe them.

All-Natural Design – Bring nature-inspired style to your living room with this set of Rock Pillow floor Cushions in dark grey to create a calm space to relax after the day.

Their Most Fun Room Yet – Kids will love having the chance to play with and arrange their Rock Pebble Pillow Cushions however they like. With six pillows, this set will make this version of their bedroom the most fun yet.

Perks Up Any Photoshoot – Seeking a way to set your next photoshoot apart? Add an element of intrigue with these realistic stone pillows, a way to capture a natural element without the hassle of dealing with the size and weight of the real thing.

Modular, practical and poetic ensemble for the floor.

The palette of shades, the choice of shapes and sizes are wide enough to choose a unique combination that endlessly variable, perfectly adapted to any interior.

Floor cushions, to create a soft beach. Seats, such as pouffes or sofas.