Pebble Pillows Pebble Floor Cushions
These are a lot denser than I expected, which is great for leaning and being floor pillows. I liked them so much, I bought the alternating colors.
Livingstones Pebble Cushions Stone Cushions
The biggest one is HUGE! We laughed at size. These are certainly unique.
Pebble Floor Living Cushions Pebble Cushions
Five Stars Came early! My daughter loves it.
Living Stones Floor Cushions Pebble Cushions
My little rockhound loves this Marvelous pillow. Grandson loves it! No regrets buying.
Living Pebble Floor Cushions Pebble Cushions
Fun! Super fun! Nice landscape thing for the kids to use to build worlds in the house.
Living Stones Floor Cushions Pebble Cushions
Kids love them! Plush and full for them to sit … Kids love them! Plush and full for them to sit on, build with and bump each other! Just what I expected!
Stone Floor Pillows Pebble Floor Cushions
I think they are super cute, soft to the touch. The zippers are put in well.
Pebble Cushions Large Pillows Rock Pillows
These are great!! Can be filled with a variety of stuff. I do wish the zippers were a little longer. But well worth the money!
Cobblestone Floor Cushions Pebble Cushions
Comfortable pillow!! Comfortable and super cool looking!
Pebble Seats Floor Cushion Livingstones
Very nice fabric rocks. I stuffed mine with poly fill and they are nice and soft. My kids like to have a pile of rock pillows on their beds, and I got these to replace some that were getting worn out.
Rock Shaped Pillows Soft Rock Pillows
I bought these for my daughter who collects rocks. She absolutely loves them!
Livingstones Cushions Felt Rock Pillows
These are well made. Excellent print assortment, strong zipper, and best part is you can stuff them to minimize the space. I am so very happy about this purchase.
Living Stone Pillows Pebble Pillows
It seemed like a slightly frivolous purchase, but when the rocks arrived yesterday, OMG, how awesome! We have them in a pile next to a big plant in our living room and conveniently located next to the little water fountain for our cats and it feels like we are outdoors. They appear to be high quality, pretty substantial weight-wise, not just light and fluffy.